Retnaningsih, Woro (2022) SPEECH ACTS IN THE TEACHING LEARNING PROCESS. 1, 1 (1). PENERBIT FABulous Press Fakultas Adab dan Bahasa UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta Jl. Pandawa, Dusun IV, Pucangan, Kec. Kartasura, Kabupaten Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah 57168, Surakarta. ISBN 978-623-09-0690-9

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Alahamdulillahirabbil’alamin, all praise be to the writer to the presence of Allah Almighty, for his permission and abundance of grace so that the writing of a book entitled “Speech Acts in The Teaching-Learning Process”, can be completed. Prayers and greetings to the lord Rasulullah Muhammad S. A. W., as the leader of the human ummah with a noble character, who always puts His affection first, and for whom we always wait for His intercession. This book was to provide references in the field of Pragmatic Linguistics, with the background of the 2013 curriculum, and in Indonesia famous with K13 has been listed in the scoop of junior high school. This book is limited to the type of speech acts, between teachers and students in teaching and learning activities with a K13 background. Teaching and learning activities with K13, consist of three main activities, namely opening lessons, core activities, and closing activities. Core activities with a scientific approach include observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and communicating, abbreviated as 5M. The teachers studied were teachers who taught in the field of study or subjects of science and social studies in class VII (first grade) at the state junior school who had followed technical guidance K13, and students were students who attended the teacher’s class. The types of teachers’ speech act used in teaching and learning activities at junior school with a K13 background andvi │ Woro Retnaningsih the intention of teachers to use these types of speech acts. The objective is to identify the type of speech acts of the teacher and explain why the teacher uses the type of speech acts in teaching and learning activities at junior school with a K13 background. Identifying the type of speech acts students in responding to the teacher’s speech act and explaining why students use the type of speech acts in teaching and learning activities at junior school with a K13 background. The writer realizes that the process of writing this book has involved various parties, both directly and indirectly, individuals and institutions that have contributed to the completion of the preparation of this book. For this reason, on this occasion, the author expresses his highest gratitude and appreciation to several parties who have been involved. The writer hopes that this book can provide a little benefit for observers and researchers in the field of linguistic studies and especially pragmatics in the field of education, especially the use of speech acts in teaching and learning activities.

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