PANDANGAN AL-QUR’AN TERHADAP PLURALISME AGAMA (Telaah Kritis Ayat-ayat Teologis dalam Al-Qur’an)

Nebukadnezar, Faiq and Baidi, Baidi (2018) PANDANGAN AL-QUR’AN TERHADAP PLURALISME AGAMA (Telaah Kritis Ayat-ayat Teologis dalam Al-Qur’an). Masters thesis, IAIN Surakarta.

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The main problem explored in this research is the rise of liberal organizations who forced to use verses in the Qur’an to support their liberal perspectives, such as religious pluralism. Seeing that recently, many studies about the Qur’an have twisted its true meaning. This is why a serious study about Quran’s perspectives on religious pluralism is needed to avoid the deconstruction of Islamic beliefs. Formulation of the problem in this research are: the first, is it true that the Qur’an tolerates theologically by admitting that other religions are safe as well ? The second, how does the Qur’an encounter the idea of the religious pluralism ? Therefore, the aim of this research is to explain wether the Qur’an tolerates theologically by acknowledging that the other religions might be opportune as well and to obtain explanation about the Quran’s perspectives about religious pluralism. This research explored the subject of Quranic exegesis using thematic method ( maud}u>’i ). It was done by qualitative library research. This research was an explanatory research. Its subject was all of the verses in the Quran. However its object was only the verses regarding interreligious relationship that relates with religious pluralism. Thematic method ( maud}u >’i ) was used as the data collection method. Analytical method ( tah}lili ) and content analysis were used to analyze the data. The result of this research shows that, firstly, in essence, the Quran, never explicates about the justification of the truth and salvation of the other religions. Nevertheless, But all religious people can certainly cooperate with the base of morals and ethics. The emergence of an understanding, that the Quran recognizes the truth of the other religions, is caused by a narrow-minded understanding of the verses of the Quran and is influenced by the flow held by a person. Secondly, pluralism is inevitable in a diverse society. Plurality in religions inside a diverse society can be realized by respecting each other. But it is just not in each other beliefs, as what was said in surah al-Ka>firu>n. Even so, to realize a religious harmony, we all need to apply what has been said by A. Mukti Ali in our life, which agree in disagreement. Keywords: Quran, Religious Pluralism, Theological

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