NIKAH HAMIL DALAM PANDANGAN PELAKU Studi Kasus Di Dusun Karangmojo Desa Karangmojo Kecamatan Tasikmadu Kabupaten Karanganyar)

Aji, Muhammad Sidiq and Sidik, S.Ag,, M.Ag (2017) NIKAH HAMIL DALAM PANDANGAN PELAKU Studi Kasus Di Dusun Karangmojo Desa Karangmojo Kecamatan Tasikmadu Kabupaten Karanganyar). skripsi thesis, IAIN Surakarta.

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AJI MUHAMMAD SIDIQ, NIM: 122.121.007 "NIKAH HAMIL DALAM PANDANGAN PELAKU" (Studi Kasus Di Dusun Karangmojo Desa karangmojo Kecamatan Tasikmadu Kabupaten Karanganyar ) Marriage is a sacred bond of husband and wife in life preclude that would later create a life that sakinah mawadah warohmah. Besides fostering a household or family life is a religious commandment for every muslim and Muslim marriage also to prevent the occurrence of cohabitation. In because it will on ssat is many who do devote to cohabitation resulted in pregnancy before doing weddings. That kind of thing can we encounter in the village of Karangmojo. Therefore this paper will discuss about getting married in a State that becomes pregnant and the formulation of the problem i.e. the factors which aspects influenced the occurrence of pregnant before marriage and how the offender's views toward marriage in a State of pregnancy. And from it so biased answer the writer using a qualitative research method in the field. I.e. field research and her approach to marriage partner is pregnant zina who becomes the object of research and to obtain data related to reason do marriage pregnant adultery, as well as to know the offender's view of marriage is pregnant. therefore missed all that problem formulation factors behind their marriage was pregnant dominated by free association factors, lack of attention to older people, it's not hard to access sites that smelled of pornography and easy have a place to commit adultery, from factors that are behind their occurrence was pregnant before marriage While abusers views toward marriage is pregnant, actors argue that they actually know that marriage is pregnant it's no good because the breaking would have been the norm for the religion to commit adultery and resulted in pregnant. Key word: marriy pregnant according to offrenr.

Item Type: Thesis (skripsi)
Subjects: 2x Islam > 2x6 Sosial dan Budaya Islam
300 Ilmu Sosial > 301 Sociology and anthropology
Divisions: Fakultas Syariah > Hukum Keluarga Ahwalus Syakhsiyyah
Depositing User: Maha siswa
Date Deposited: 08 May 2017 02:41
Last Modified: 08 May 2017 02:41

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