Maula, aizul and Baidi, H (2018) MAKNA KHUSYUK DALAM AL-QUR’AN (Studi Tafsir Tematik). skripsi thesis, IAIN Surakarta.

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Khusyuk has a very important position in Islam. Moreover, it is a matter that will be missed from Islam before salat . Based on this fact, this research aims to find out the concept of khusyuk , especially according to the Qur’anic perspective. This research was a library research. The primary data sources were the verses of the Qur’an, while the secondary data sources were any books of tafsir. The data were collected by using documentation method, while the technique of analysis data chosen for this study was athematic method. From the analysis conducted in the research, it can be concluded that the meaning of khusyuk in the Qur'an are generally not varying much with the meaning used in the Arabic daily, where the meaning of khusyuk refers to a state of subjection, quiet and humble. Nevertheless, khusyuk for believers is not only limited to a physical attitude, but also the inner attitude of submission to God. K husyuk in the Qur'an also contains special meaning and common meaning. There are some messages contained in the verses of khusyuk ; first, khusyuk is an attitude that must be performed in salat, second ly , khusyuk is an attitude of prophets, third ly , khusyuk is a praise of God to Ahli Kitab who believe in Allah, Muhammad and the Qur'an, fourth ly , khusyuk in remembrance of God and the Qur'an can keep someone from ungodliness, and fifth ly , t he people who can reach for khusyuk will get a reply from God in the form of forgiveness and a great reward. Furthermore, there are several factors that can help in reaching for khusyuk, which are; a true faith, a useful science, remembering death, and tadabur the verses of the Qur'an. Keywords: al-Qur’an, khusyuk , thematic method, salat

Item Type: Thesis (skripsi)
Subjects: 2x Islam > 2x1 Al Quran dan Ilmu Terkait
Divisions: Program Pascasarjana > Ilmu Al Quran dan Tafsir
Depositing User: Maha siswa
Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2018 00:24
Last Modified: 14 Dec 2018 00:24

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